I will help your business and organization get MORE from your investment in Web and Mobile technology!

My name is Jon Wretlind, and I have been designing brand idenitity and working as a user-interface/”UX” consultant since 1994. I have extensive professional experience working for large companies with multiple stakeholders, as well as working with small businesses and non-profits looking to expand their brand and image.

I also have a world-class design education background, as well as masters-level education in human psychology and behavior.

Here’s a rundown of just some of my services:

  • Company identity: Logos, stationery, brochure templates.
  • Web Design: HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress
  • Print advertising, collateral design, packaging, signage, 2D + 3D.
  • Mobile applications, responsive websites, SEO-friendly.
  • Custom illustration, information graphics, production and development.
  • Application planning, User Experience Design (UXD), Wireframes, Personas.
  • Social Media, SEO consulting.

I can help you get more from your marketing technology investment by:

Understanding how people interact with technology and how it fits into their lives.

Develop your unique “story” that your brand tells your customers and appeal to their human needs and motivations.

Increase the efficiency of your Web communications and applications to make your technology more human-centered.

Save you money by finding new ways that your business and customers can interact as real people.

— and then building websites and apps that do just that!

If this sounds like something you could benefit from , contact me for a FREE consultation.