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10 Randumb Thoughts About Living in a Tiny Trailer During a Colorado Winter

Whether you’re into #vanlife or living nomadically, how many of these do you resonate with?

Photo by Mike Dorner on Unsplash

I have some dumb thoughts sometimes.

And, sometimes, they’re funny too. At least to me.

They just sorta pop into my head at the craziest of times usually while I am struggling the umpteenth time to move item X so I can get into Y, and back. So I thought I’d write a few down and makes some typographic art from them, just for fun.

And for those who are type-nerds, I set a constraint to use only Franklin Gothic Regular Compressed in only one weight. I had enough fun with these that I am going to use this exercise with my students in my next Graphic Design class.

Here they are, in graphic form — enjoy!

All artwork by the author, copyrighted 2022 and all that jazz.

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