Rocky Mountain Restoration Case Study

Branding and Re-Branding Project

The Problem

Rocky Mountain Restoration, located on the Western Slope of Colorado near Gunnison, needed to re-brand its business from the original name of HELP Ltd. which operated on the Front Range, Boulder area.

I had worked on the original branding project for HELP Ltd. a number of years ago. The goal at that time was to differentiate the business from larger, corporate-owned companies such as ServicePro, and to position the business as a trustworthy, local contractor for home restoration services. The design appealed culturally to homeowners in the Boulder and North Denver area who were ecologically-conscious and preferred to work with local businesses rather than large national ones. A problem with the business name, however, was that it was difficult to compete for top position on search engines against larger competitors.

When the business relocated to the Western Slope area, the owners felt the older brand name did not carry the same kind of cultural caché. Also, in order to  make the business more visible on search engines, the decision was made to re-brand. The goal of keeping the company image as local and trustworthy remained the same — it just needed to be expressed in a different and more culturally relevant way.

The Solution

The culture of the Western Slope of Colorado is heavily-influenced by Southwestern and Native American culture. The owners were inspired by an image of the “Zia Sun” from the Zia Pueblo tribe of New Mexico.

The Zia regarded the sun as a sacred symbol used to introduce newborns to the sun and in other ceremonial rituals. The number four is also a sacred symbol and is featured in the Zia Sun image. The artistic quality of the new artwork also references Southwestern native art such as sand paintings and turquoise.

The name of the new brand, Rocky Mountain Restoration, had been in use by the owners before, and they discovered it was much more easily positioned in local search engines in top positions.

I was also tasked with designing new business materials and their van design, and will be undertaking the development of their new website in the near future as the company develops their brand message. Other materials to be produced are company videos, blog articles and a social-media campaign.

The Result

This is a very recent project, and market research is needed to determine the success of the effort.

The research will be focused on brand perceptions regarding the stated goals: is the company perceived as a trustworthy resource, and does the local quality of the company brand add value in the eyes of homeowners in the Colorado communities served?

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