Boehringer Mannheim Case Study

“Osmosis” Sales Training CD-ROM

The Problem

Boehringer Mannhiem Corporation (BMC), needed to train its salesforce for its Chemstrip line of urinalysis equipment and products. The salespeople needed technical resources from a large library of documents, and a way for them to learn where to quickly find them on a CD-ROM in order to help potential customers feel more confident with the equipment during the sales process.

The problem was that in order for its salesforce to be better informed, they needed to gain mastery of a library of more than 500 technical documents. This could be a very difficult task, and not a very engaging one. BMC wanted a fun way to help its salespeople learn about the equipment and products, and give them an easy way to find the documentation they might need in the field.

The Solution

My team and I came up with a very out-of-the-box idea. We would create a game, which would engage salespeople through tongue-in-cheek humor in a game-show type concept called “Osmosis.”

We would introduce the game during the company sales conference, making it accessible through a kiosk where salespeople could actually win prizes — and be given a copy of the game and resource library on a CD-ROM disc.

We created a game-show host character named “Ozzie” and a group of other humorous characters by animating images of the actual urinalysis equipment. The game was a version of “Concentration” where the player would need to answer a question about the equipment once a match was made on a board. If the player got the answer right, virtual-money would accumulate. If the player got it wrong, the money would be taken away and the user would be given the location in the Resource Library on the disc where the correct information could be found. The game ended if the player ran out of cash.

The Result

This was a very popular game with the BMC salesforce during their conference, and the company discovered that the salespeople were more engaged with the product information and much better prepared during sales calls in the field.

The game was also a finalist in the Massachusetts Interactive Media Council awards that year, and the value of interactive media was proven to a company which had previously not had much experience with it.