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Why you have great UX and UI, but your branding still sucks.

Why You Have Great UX/UI, But Your Branding Still Sucks.

You gotta love the buzzwords in the Internet industry today… Over the past few years, I have noticed that what used to be the disciplines of “information architecture” and “usability” and “graphic design” have been morphed into this thing called “User Experience” and/or “User Interface Design.” (That’s “UX/UI” for the... View Article

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7 Tips for Building a Habit-Forming Business

Using the power of habits to make your business irresistible to your customers. Right off the bat, NO, this post is not about businesses that sell porn, cigarettes, alcohol, cannabis or any other addictive substance. Addictions are BAD. They ruin lives and wreck families. So, if your business is into... View Article

Stop Calling Them Infographics, Already!

I noticed the other day, when I was researching keywords for SEO, the keyword “infographics” is rising in popularity (right along with “UX” and “UI” as the hot buzzwords for job titles, but don’t get me started with that). I also read a lot of blog posts. And, many of... View Article

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Graphic design is dead! Long live the graphic designer!

Looking out at the design/development landscape over the past 30 years since I have started my own career, I might say that it certainly seems the graphic design profession has finally died. Why might I say that? I remember sitting at a drafting table, doing layout work with artboards, galleys... View Article

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