About Me & What I Do

Do you work with people?

I help service professionals get the most out of their online marketing investments by solving the design, content creation and strategy headaches facing most small-to-medium businesses.

I work with people who serve other people by focusing on… people!

You can just call me Jon.

I am an experienced creative leader with more than 25 years of experience designing for print and interactive media working for large and small companies. I love to work with business owners and entrepreneurs, to solve tough online marketing and design problems, and I am ready to help you!

I am very well-versed in all aspects of design. I take an approach which focuses heavily on the customer experience and human behavioral psychology. which I refer to as Human Experience Design™.

I teach adults in the Graphic Design and Web Development program at my local career college.

And, I hold a Master’s of Divinity degree and have experience working in healthcare chaplaincy.

Why is that important, or even relevant?

Basically, I have hands-on experience working with people in all the drama and trauma of life. I studied psychology, diagnosis, counseling methodology. I also studied leadership and learned how to make kick-butt presentations that motivate people to action. I know how to comfort groups and individuals struggling with difficult personal issues. And I have had this “other life” for the past 10 years along with keeping up in the creative industry too.

Since design is really about helping people live their lives better, than why wouldn’t your next creative professional have experience doing that in the most hands-on ways?

If you are looking for a leader who is deeply involved in human-centric design from the pioneering days of the Internet to now, and who also knows people, what motivates and inspires them, then I think we should talk soon!