Graphic Design and Websites for Real Humans

You are a real person. You are not simply a user. You are not just a consumer.

And, you are running a business. It’s your dream, your life, and you want to connect with your customers at a deeply human level.

I help service-oriented businesses connect with their best customers through human-centered website design, graphics, marketing and branding.

With a background in both design and psychology, I can help you understand the motivations and emotions of real people. To understand how technology fits into their lives and why they need you. To understand your customer’s story.

And then I will help you design the right strategy to fit into that story.

I call my approach Human Experience Design, and it’s more than a method or a formula. It’s a way of discovering the big picture, the story — where your business makes peoples’ lives better. And maybe even make the world a better place too.

Some of the services I provide are:

  • Brand consulting and strategy
  • Content marketing, blogging, writing and editing
  • Online/mobile product development
  • Graphic design, infographics, content creation
  • Custom website design, development, and maintenance
  • SEO / SEM, email and social media campaigns
  • User experience testing and optimization (UX/UI)
  • User interface design and development for mobile

It’s quite a list, but I have more than 28 years of experience producing award-winning design and marketing. And, my business is BBB A+ Certified, so you know I will work with you honestly and fairly.

So, let’s talk! You know, like humans do.

Contact me for more information about how I can help you.