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You. The Human.

You are a person. You aren't simply a "user," or even a "consumer." You aren't defined by your technology, the brands you buy, or the services you need. But you use them to make your life better. And if it doesn't make your life better, you don't want it.


I design experiences for people. Whether it is a website or mobile app, an ad for a product, or a brochure explaining a service — I design for people first. Real human beings.


I look for the ways that peoples' stories intersect with your business or organization's goals. I look for creative ways to engage them and interact with them. I look beyond the technology and beyond the next fad. My unique background is focused on understanding people and their needs. And I design to connect with their heart, soul and mind — not just their eyes. Or mobile phones. Or browsers.


You are running a business or non-profit organization that is also focused on people. You want to understand how to connect with them and create a better human experience. I want to help you do that. You can contact me through this website or call me on the phone for a real conversation.


So let's talk — you know, like humans do.



Loveland / Fort Collins, Colorado

Phone: (970) 599-1517




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